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Shenzhen ZhiQiang Precision Mold Co., Ltd. was established in March,2007, an independent supporting enterprises integrated hardware and plastic connector development and manufacturing, optical grinding processing, CNC EDM wire cutting and precision molds processing. After 5 years technology accumulation and quality verification, in order to meet the demand of overseas markets, Hong Kong subsidiaries Zhiqiang Precision Mould (HK) Co., limited was established in 2012. ZhiQiang Mold has the most advanced processing equipment and first-class R & D technology team  in the metal plastic mold industry, since inception, it always....

  • Business philosophy: quality

  • 5 years of accumulated technology and quality verification

  • Customer demand-oriented

  • Taking customer as the center creating value for customers

  • In its mission to build sophisticated products

  • We have industry-leading R & D team

  • First-class mold design team

    The company has a metal plastic mold industry's most advanced processing equipment and first-class R & D team, set hardware development and manufacturing plastic connectors, optical grinding, CNC walking thread cutting, precision molding die in one of the independent supporting enterprises.

  • Advanced production and testing equipment

    Company invested many foreign advanced machines: Japan Amada Optical Projection Grinding (P/G). Japan Sodick/SeiBu Oil Wire EDM, CNC machining centre, Mitsubishi EDM, Yuqing Grinding Machine, 25-110 Ton Aida Press machines。

  • Customer demand-oriented

    Since its inception, always adhering to the "quality, innovation, integrity and service" business philosophy, customer demand-oriented, providing customers with high precision, reliable structure of metal mold plastic products and services supporting the program, the majority of customers agree with trust. Zhiqiang fine mode will continue to create sophisticated products as their duty to constantly innovate, unremitting progress as the drive for the realization of "Zhiqiang fine mode, connect the wisdom of life," the business goal.

  • In its mission to build sophisticated products

    The company has a professional quality management team, the use of quality management standards of science, by means of precision measuring instruments and apparatus (the second element, altimeter, measuring instrument than, projector tool microscope, the surface precision instrument, micrometer) and other advanced testing equipment, product of a strict quality control in all aspects, to ensure that customers with quality products.

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